Learning Web App Development

by Semmy Purewal

More CloudFoundry Issues

page 234

29 Mar 2015

CloudFoundry has changed significantly in version 6, and – sadly – it looks like it did not maintain compatibility with version 5 (which we used for the book). This means some of the narrative in the book won’t work as described with the version of the cf client included with node-dev-bootstrap (specifically, seeing logs and troubleshooting).

To make matters worse, if we update to CloudFoundry 6, we lose the interactive push command. You can see all of the differences enumerated in the CloudFoundry documentation.

Fortunately, my friend Mike Hennessey has posted some instructions on getting CloudFoundry 6 to work with the code examples in the book. To start, you’ll need to download and install the CloudFoundry 6 client on your host machine. Instructions are here.

Next, you can find a sample manifest and some additional instructions on Mike’s blog.

He also has some specific instructions for getting the tweet counter to work here and here.

Thanks to Mike Hennessey for all of his help in tracking down these issues and providing solutions! And many thanks to Marik Marshak for reporting this to us!