Learning Web App Development

by Semmy Purewal

Amazeriffic Problems in Chapter 6

page 202

07 Jun 2014

Starting on page 202, there are a couple of issues with the description of setting up the server for Amazeriffic.

To start, I made the decision to change all of the server-side app.js source files (which is the traditional name for an Express app’s entry point) to server.js so as to not cause confusion between the client app.js and the server file. Unfortunately, it’s still called app.js in two places: pages 202 and 205. In other words, on those pages where it says to run the app with the command node app.js, it should actually say to run the command node server.js. The filenames are correct in the examples posted on Github.

There are a couple of related issues as well. If you’re running into trouble getting the example to work, please also see these issues:

Bug in Server Code

Express 4 Problems

These issues have been reported by several readers, and will be fixed in the first ebook update.