Learning Web App Development

by Semmy Purewal

Missing href attribute in links

page 133

07 Apr 2014

In the Amazeriffic HTML example in Chapter 4, I created the tabs without href attributes in the <a> tags. In other words, on page 133 the example looks like this

<div class="tabs">
  <a href=""><span class="active">Newest</span></a>
  <a href="">Oldest</a>
  <a href="">Add</a>

In order to prevent the browser from reloading the page, there needs to be something in the href. I prefer to use a #. So it should look like this:

<div class="tabs">
  <a href="#"><span class="active">Newest</span></a>
  <a href="#">Oldest</a>
  <a href="#">Add</a>

Thanks to Olusola Akapo for noticing this and reporting it!